Zachary Sroka

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Genius Garage was and forever will be one of my life’s greatest experiences. It had everything that anyone could want out of an internship. I learned about engineering, designing, business, personal interaction, sponsorships, and how to have the time of my life while also doing something extraordinary. I don’t know how to explain the feeling of watching something that you have worked so hard to create succeed in its purpose, but it is a feeling I will do my best to repeat in all of my future endeavors. It is perfect for anyone with a passion for cars and the drive to do something great.

Casey Putsch is one of the most inspired people I have had the fortune of meeting. His ideas, aspirations, and emotions far outweigh those of almost anyone else that a person could meet. His knowledge of cars and life is unparalleled and the gusto with which he speaks of both is something that I have been lucky to be a part of and would be lucky to find someone else who comes even close. I am proud to consider him both a mentor and a friend. This takes us to friends I have made, thanks to Genius Garage, is something I cherish very much. I knew only one other person before the internship and it wasn’t long before I considered them some of the best friends that I could ask for. We worked together on the project, in school, on our cars, on extracurriculars such as Car Club, and I have even lived with some of them. Every day of the internship I could expect to come in to work, share a common goal with people I loved, and have an unforgettable time.

The aftermath of this opportunity was both expected and unexpected at the same time. We were a bunch of college-aged kids attempting to do something on a budget that is meant for company sponsored teams and large groups with large pockets. It was during our first test at the Corvette Test Track in Bowling Green, Kentucky that we realized what we had actually done, how special it was, how rare it was, and what this could mean for us. This isn’t something that anyone our age just gets to go out and be a part of. Every race we were proving what could be done to people that would never have expected and also to ourselves. 2nd place at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, two 1st places at Mid-Ohio, 2nd place at Pittsburg Racing Complex, who would have thought? It is something that surprises and impresses everyone who has the slightest interest, especially employers. A job in the automotive industry or anywhere else, Genius Garage will be talked about the most. So far, it has gotten me an internship with Mopar and will, without a doubt, be the thing that separates me from everyone else in my future undertakings. Casey has truly bridged the gap between education and employment and those who are lucky enough to be a part of his enterprise will be left with lifelong ingenuity and life changing wisdom.