Donate to Genius Garage

Public support is crucial for the Genius Garage Program. Being a 501(c)(3) public educational charity, outside funding for the program allows us to give bright students dream-shot opportunities free of cost and regardless of background. Please consider contributing monetary donations to help keep the Genius Garage program continuing to provide future students with the same opportunities as these brilliant young individuals are currently experiencing. Find out how to donate today!

Donate to Genius Garage

What Does Donating Mean to Us?

Donating to Genius Garage has multifaceted meanings. To begin with, donations are used in the most efficient way possible to best give our students these opportunities. Monetary support is utilized for expenses ranging from dinner for the whole aerospace team or travel expenses to take the Racing Team to Indianapolis so that they may compete. Larger scale items such as an engine for one of our project cars to an airplane project and tools for the Aerospace Program are long term investments to our student's learning. Besides the direct use for your contributions, they also allow us to grow as an organization and expand to new industries and grow exponentially and benefit a multitude of students. In the broader sense, donations to Genius Garage means supporting the bright minds who will one day lead future generations in different industries, culture, and philanthropy.

•Racing or Street Cars
•Airplane or Airplane Projects
•Radio Control Vehicles
•Art and Design Equipment
•Tools and Fabrication Equipment
•Books and Teaching Aids
•Scientific Instruments
•Slot Cars, Track and Modeling Equipment
•Shop Equipment and Furnishings
•Tow Vehicles and Trailers
•Raw Materials (i.e. Carbon Fiber, Steel, Aluminum, etc.)