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What Does a Sponsorship Mean to You?

Genius Garage is ever growing and changing to become bigger, better and more efficient at what we do. By doing so, we catch the attention of many people because of what we do. Our exposure will only continue to increase in the coming years and therefore the exposure of our sponsors. There are numerous ways in which this exposure can happen. Firstly, there is the media aspect which is direct exposure through social media, like our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages. We regularly update our social media to inform the community of how our students are progressing and their achievements throughout the year. Another possibility of exposure is through interviews. Our CEO President Casey Putsch often is interviewed during race events and will always give credit to our supporters and sponsors, as we are a non-profit so your support is very important to us. The last example of exposure would be the races themselves. On our cars we have many logos of our sponsors and supporters, which in turn give them exposure as well.

Please contact us at GeniusGarage@hotmail.com or write to us below so that we can best tailor sponsorship programs that will suit your interests.

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