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Vintage racing at its finest! Learn about the current project car and the events the students are running.

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When the team isn't busy studying for exams or doing schoolwork, energy is put into forming a real racing team. Follow their progress on Facebook.

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Here's our throw back Thursday to when we took the team flying from a grass field as a reward experience in 2015. The student in the video is Dan Miller and he now works at Goodyear as an engineer. Aviation is such a great environment for young people that we had to open our new program to build a Sopwith Camel this year! ... See MoreSee Less

Daniel Miller's opinion. :D

2 days ago  ·  

Attention everyone! We would like to announce a new Genius Garage Aerospace Program that will run in the same facility as this year's student racing program. Six bright and driven students will be accepted to be part of the team that will build a flying replica of a World War I Sopwith Camel fighter plane from the ground up! This plane WILL fly and we will get to exhibit it at exciting events in 2018. There will also be many fantastic field trips to aviation and engineering places of interest just like we do with our racing team. This is an incredibly rare opportunity for young people interested in aviation, engineering, history, and fabrication that want to grow as people and professionals. Please contact us at on how to apply. The deadline to apply is Friday February 16th at 5:00pm. The program will begin in March and run through the summer. Due to the highly limited positions available, it is recommended for prospective students to connect as soon as they are able.

The Genius Garage is a very special place and we are incredibly excited about its growth.

Will YOU be part of our team this year?
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3 days ago  ·  

Everyone is getting the new facility ready for this year's programs. It's going to be an exciting season. Many more posts to come soon! ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago  ·  

When was the last time you saw a board of directors this excited after a meeting? It's going to be a fantastic year for Genius Garage and we look forward to share our student's experiences with you! ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago  ·  

Shout out to @Oreo for being the perfect compliment to the milk on the podium at Indy! I'm really proud of our team! @GGarageRacing


Go Rockets🚀🚀

The team of awesome @UToledo students heading to the podium after the win!! @IMS @UTPresident @OhlerSam

Proud to join my son recently at the @GGarageRacing & @StartupToledo event to network & promote start ups in Ohio!

We had a great time at @Mid_Ohio for the #SVRA race. Glad to see Mid-Ohio liked our car as well!

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