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Vintage racing at its finest! Learn about the current project car and the events the students are running.

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The Genius Garage is a unique program to help bright young minds grow and have a head start in the real world.

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This young woman interviewed today for the racing program. Her major is in visual communications, she is a kart racer, and is fascinated by the racing industry for her preferred career. The look on her face says it all!

Today is the last day of interviews and our programs will begin next month.
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5 days ago  ·  

This young man interviewed today and is taking a 4-year degree in Engineering. While he has solved many equations relating to pistons and thermodynamics, etc, this is the first time he has ever actually held a piston. Think about that... He was very happy and we are excited that our students get everything they are missing in school. It's no wonder our alumni are finding success in the real world.

8 students this year will take practical application to the highest level and with the right team work, determination, and ingenuity put a bunch more of these pistons on a winner's circle in the months to come.

PS. You should have seen the look on his face when we put a carbon brake rotor in his hand after showing him a steel one.
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1 week ago  ·  

Wow! It's very exciting seeing the quality and diversity of students applying to our Genius Garage programs. One thing that is certain is that it is going to be a very exciting year! Stay tuned... ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago  ·  

It's exciting how many bright students are applying and their enthusiasm is contagious. Here is a video of a similar airplane build to what Genius Garage Aerospace students will be doing this year. Apply now and go to Osh Kosh with the plane you and your peers built in July and Wright Patt at the National Museum of the Air Force in September! Yes, it's going to happen...
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2 weeks ago  ·  

Thank you Bowling Green State University! It will be an exciting year with these great students. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago  ·  

Shout out to @Oreo for being the perfect compliment to the milk on the podium at Indy! I'm really proud of our team! @GGarageRacing


Go Rockets🚀🚀

The team of awesome @UToledo students heading to the podium after the win!! @IMS @UTPresident @OhlerSam

Proud to join my son recently at the @GGarageRacing & @StartupToledo event to network & promote start ups in Ohio!

We had a great time at @Mid_Ohio for the #SVRA race. Glad to see Mid-Ohio liked our car as well!

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