Tom Shelton

Genius Garage is a rare entity to enable certain students to further explore life outside of academia. Those who wish to be further challenged in complex problem solving or to be involved in achieving certain stated goals are given that opportunity. Genius Garage is a fully equipped working laboratory where advanced hands on learning in aviation engineering and racing car technology can take place; all of which at no charge to the participant is amazing!

Casey Putsch the founder, is providing opportunities to motivated students who show desire and aptitude in a directed program of enhanced critical thinking. The results are many including a higher level of confidence, confirmation of chosen career path and convey a higher level of achievement in a competitive job market. Those attributes stand out as companies search for the brightest and best to fill job openings.

Having been involved in the business of selling and servicing high line automobiles such as Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin and Porsche our company was always looking for that prospective employee who had a higher skill level. Most of the time, we had to provide inner company apprenticeship and training. Genius Garage is that training ground so valuable to those who are fortunate enough to participate. From a business perspective I have seen this need throughout different industries as well. Genius Garage is a brilliant solution.