Karthik Naga

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The Genius Garage program is one of a kind. Academic theoretical knowledge is just a base before joining this program. I was so afraid of my future because I know for a fact that the knowledge I got from my college is not going to be a great help in the outside world. Casey Putsch helped me overcome that fear and gain confidence. Genius Garage helped me to implement the knowledge I have learned in my college and gain more knowledge from it. Genius Garage has been an extension of my masters degree because the theoretical knowledge is only good to an extent, but the practical knowledge from this program helps me to understand everything. The best part in practical implementation is we never forget what we did and if we try hard we can improve it. 
Genius Garage helped me gain respect in my job search during my interviews. Recruiters are most interested in knowing about Genius Garage and what we achieved from it. I strongly believe that Genius Garage helped me a lot in my placement. I am working as a Project Engineer at Product Movers. I spent half of my interview time explaining what we did and achieved in Genius Garage and how we won the races. They were really thrilled to know that a group of students achieved so much in a small time, but it’s all thanks to Casey for starting this Program to help students like me. I can’t thank him enough for his support and taking me into the program.