Austin Wright

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My name is Austin Wright, and I am a fourth year aerospace engineering major at Ohio State. I started my college career as a mechanical engineering major who vaguely knew that he wanted to work with cars. I was a member of the Genius Garage program for its first year in 2014. As a member of Genius Garage, I was put in charge of aerodynamics and suspension for an Indy car. Casey Putsch provided me with reading material and guidance while allowing me to solve problems the way I saw fit. The more I learned about automotive aerodynamics, the more I became fascinated by them. I decided that I wanted to work with air flows as a career; as a direct result of the Genius Garage program, I changed my major to aerospace engineering. A program like Genius Garage fills the gap between the classroom and the industry. It allows students to get hands on, real world experience that simply can’t be replicated by university course work. Without fail, I am asked about the Genius Garage program in every interview. It is an excellent opportunity for any student, and one that has helped to launch me into the aerospace field. As such, I highly recommend the Genius Garage program to anyone interested.