2018 Design Program

Joseph Young Genius Garage 2018 design student

Age: 19
Major: Fine Arts

Passion and quick-thinking come to mind when thinking about Joseph Young. He hopes to work as a professional automotive design artist and own his own line of car concepts in the future. He first became interested in design in high school when he was able to freely explore the idea of art. His strong dedication led him through high school with a high GPA average while also participating in two sports and volunteering in his free time. Looking to forward his hopes, Joseph found Genius Garage a great opportunity to learn more about automotive design and be hands-on.

Casey Putsch 2018 Genius Garage leader and mentor

Casey Putsch is the very definition of energy; his old soul personality is coupled with his youthful obsession of cars and automobiles, leading to his dedication to the design and racing world. He started the Genius Garage Program to provide college students with the opportunity of progressing in the real world that they miss out on while in school. Casey has enjoyed every moment of the program, despite ups and downs, but he has found the most enjoyment from watching the students grow, develop, and learn from visiting mentors.

In The Studio