2017 Genius Garage Team



Spencer Kadel

Age: 18
Major: Mechanical Engineering, minor: Entrepreneurship

As a wonderful addition to the 2017 Genius Garage team, Spencer Kadel comes in everyday motivated to dwell in new experiences. Spencer is a hardworking and easy going individual who has many goals in life. Some of which include; obtaining a straight a grade average and graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering, minor in entrepreneurship and eventually starting his own company. As the former president and chief engineer of his high school robotics team, it drove him to engineering and developing team working skills. After hearing about Genius Garage through UT Tuners (University of Toledo Car Club), it led him to this once in a lifetime opportunity to develop hands-on skills in addition to growing himself as a person.

Team Relations Specialist

Madolyn Burke

Age: 20
Major: Special Education

Madolyn Burke plays an interesting role within Genius Garage. She brings an organized, optimistic and thorough approach to any task she undertakes. In addition, she’s an artistic and creative thinker who enjoys painting and playing the piano. As a special education major, Madolyn strives to positively impact the lives of individuals with autism. Throughout college, she has been greatly influenced by former professors to take her learnings and apply them to benefit the residents she works with. She joined Genius garage to continue to broaden her knowledge of cars and engineering and to develop communication and teamwork skills.

PR/Media and Safety

Joe Dale

Age: 18
Major: Information Systems, minor: Entrepreneurship

Joseph Dale is an ambitious, observant and imaginative individual who strives for success in his personal and academic life. Joseph, a photographer and entrepreneur, has goals to graduate with a stellar GPA in Information Systems with a business minor. Besides managing and developing his business ventures, he enjoys playing tennis and working on cars in his free time. One day at the University of Toledo car enthusiast’s group (UT Tuners) meeting, Joe heard about Genius Garage and the opportunities it presented. As a natural opportunity taker, he took the initiative and joined to broaden his experiences, develop his skills and to meet new people. Joe is looking forward to many adventures with the 2017 Genius Garage team.

Electronics, Fabrication, Bodywork

Sam Ohler

Age: 20
Major: Electrical Engineering

Sam Ohler is a meticulous and ambitious sophomore who takes extreme pride in his work. Sam has started multiple ventures of money making; including, hosting car events, flipping cars and online sales. On top of hiking and traveling to different places, he enjoys drifting, a sport that he’s new at but has plenty of potential. Post high school, Sam moved to college and met new people that taught him important skills such as time management and depending on himself. After graduating with a degree in electrical engineering, Sam wishes to simply live a life in which he’s happy and able to do the things he loves while working for himself. He’s joined Genius Garage to gain valuable experience that he wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere and to meet new people and network.

Engine, Transmission, Powertrain

Devin Dunn

Age: 19
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Devin Dunn is an ambitious and enthusiastic freshman who looks to pursue a career in the automotive industry, particularly in the performance sector after graduating from college with a solid GPA. Devin comes from a background enriched with creativity, teamwork and hard work as a three-time athlete in school. Since the age of six, Devin has used his creative mindset to slowly build his dirt bikes and off-road vehicles. Besides an interest in marathon running, he also enjoys playing guitar and volunteering in his free time. After hearing about Genius Garage through FYRE (First Year Rocket Engineering Group), he joined to gain experience within the automotive industry and to strongly develop his teamwork skills.

Business/PR, Aero, and Chassis

Ryan Beagle

Age: 21
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Loyalty, reason, and creativity are just a few aspects of Ryan Beagle's personality that led him to return to Genius Garage team as an experienced leader. He returned to assist the next generation of bright individuals reach their peak potential. Not only is he an experienced leader, but Ryan also is a creative and artistic student who enjoys socializing, traveling and taking part of various projects. As a 3rd year mechanical engineer major, Ryan has goals of working in a management environment. He shows a major interest in learning as much as he can by working with the Genius Garage members by developing an invaluable source of knowledge.

Independent Study Students

Aerodynamic Research

Cole Robertson

Age: 21
Major: Mechanical Engineering

As an extremely optimistic, persistent, and ambitious young man, Cole Robertson returns to Genius Garage as a second year student with a smile on his face and is always ready to work. Coming from a medical background, Cole recently made the transition to mechanical engineering in hopes of learning various thermodynamic, fluid, and mechanical processes of automobiles. He sets his head high, working towards obtaining a PhD in Aerospace Engineering and then go on to work at a distinguished aerospace research facility. Although Cole is honing his engineering skills through the program, he believes that academic excellence, by maintaining a 3.9+ GPA, will help him reach his full potential as a rising engineer.