2018 Racing Team


Jennifer Lintner 2018 Genius Garage Racing Team student


Jennifer Lintner

Age: 19
Major: Visual Communications and technology

Jennifer Lintner uses her inspiring wit to add flare to everything she does. For example, from early childhood she built her own mini race car track to race with her father. She aspires to own her own automotive shop and race team, as well as race in Nascar and Indycar in the future. Graduating high school with a 4.0 GPA average, she wants to take the next leap to learn hands-on with race cars to move steadily toward her goals. Jennifer wouldn’t miss this chance for the world; Genius Garage provides her with the opportunity to learn more about her passion and the car industry as a whole.

Jason Helle 2018 Genius Garage Racing Team student


Jason Helle

Age: 20
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Jason Helle is a relentlessly driven individual who strives to better himself everyday and work towards his success. He plans to run his own engineering firm, large or small, as well as possibly run for public office. Jason’s inspiration originally came from his first car when he learned basic maintenance from his father and only grew from there. As a student, he also excels in leading The Capstone Project he is in by implementing all of his knowledge into a physical product to solve a real world issue. Joining Genius Garage was a no-brainer for Jason as he has a great passion for cars and motorsports as well as get his feet wet in the industry he plans to eventually contribute to. With Jason’s sense of humor only a mother could love, he is excited to work with many talented individuals and learn how to be a strong leader at Genius Garage.

Karthik Naga 2018 Genius Garage Racing Team student


Karthik Naga

Age: 24
Major: Technology Management

Open to all experience and learning, Karthik Naga joined the 2018 Racing Team to widen his skills of technology. He has accomplished a national level project with his strong conscientiousness at Satyabama University. The inspiration was realized when he was at the young age of 10 when he first saw a formula 1 race, and since then he dreams to be an entrepreneur of the automotive industry. With the learning experiences of both culture and industry, Karthik is excited to dive in on the racing team and expand his knowledge to further his career.

Mufeed Shikwana 2018 Genius Garage Racing Team student


Mufeed Shikwana

Age: 24
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Since the first day he had his own car, no matter how beat up it was, Mufeed Shikwana was in love with the freedom it provided him. By joining Genius Garage, he is ecstatic to explore his personal levels of freedom of his car by working on high level race cars. He is excited to be a part of the racing team this year as well so that he can learn more about all other aspects of engineering as well as learn from his new talented peers. Mufeed was educationally recognized as a balanced student as having both above a 3.0 GPA average and playing varsity level tennis. With great efficiency and patience, He plans to perform to the best of his abilities no matter what field or industry he may end up working for in the future.

Nicolas Hayward 2018 Genius Garage Racing Team student

Marketing/Web Design/braking Systems

Nicholas Hayward

Age: 20
Major: Undecided

With an overabundance of curiosity and perseverance, Nicholas Hayward loves to learn about anything and everything he can. His interests in cars began with his very first car, an old green Chevy Blazer. When he learned of the freedoms it gave him to travel to far places, his ambitions grew and lead him to Genius Garage. Now, Nicholas is learning the hands-on work of cars and all the mechanics and physics that go into them. With that strong inclination to learn, it had also lead him to take college courses while still in high school and that taught him a lot about time management and efficiency. In the long run, Nicholas’ single goal for the future is to live an exciting life that will lead to the betterment of humanity in the process. With that in mind, Nicholas knew he couldn’t miss his chance to learn all he could here at Genius Garage.

Spencer Kadel 2018 Genius Garage Racing Team student


Spencer Kadel

Age: 20
Major: Mechanical Engineering, minor: Entrepreneurship

As a returning student to the 2018 Racing Team, Spencer Kadel comes in everyday motivated to lead others to new experiences and be an optimal example. Spencer is a hardworking and easy going individual who has many goals in life. Some of which include; obtaining a straight a grade average and graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering, minor in entrepreneurship and eventually starting his own company. As the former president and chief engineer of his high school robotics team, it drove him to engineering and developing team working skills. After hearing about Genius Garage through UT Tuners (University of Toledo Car Club), it led him to this once in a lifetime opportunity to develop hands-on skills in addition to growing himself as a person.

Devin Dunn 2018 Genius Garage Racing Team student


Devin Dunn

Age: 20
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Devin Dunn is an ambitious and enthusiastic freshman who looks to pursue a career in the automotive industry, particularly in the performance sector after graduating from college with a solid GPA. Devin comes from a background enriched with creativity, teamwork and hard work as a three-time athlete in school. Since the age of six, Devin has used his creative mindset to slowly build his dirt bikes and off-road vehicles. Besides an interest in marathon running, he also enjoys playing guitar and volunteering in his free time. After taking a part of last years team, Devin has returned this year with newfound experience to teach the new students what he knows as well as accumulate more knowledge of his own.


Madolyn Burke 2018 Genius Garage team coordinator

Team Coordinator

Madolyn Burke

Age: 22
Major: Special Education

Madolyn Burke plays an interesting role within Genius Garage. She brings an organized, optimistic and thorough approach to any task she undertakes. In addition, she’s an artistic and creative thinker who enjoys painting and playing the piano. As a special education major, Madolyn strives to positively impact the lives of individuals with autism. Throughout college, she has been greatly influenced by former professors to take her learnings and apply them to benefit the residents she works with. As a returning student, she continues to broaden her knowledge of cars and engineering and to develop communication and teamwork skills as well as help coordinate the organization as a whole.