2016 Genius Garage Team


Safety, Roll Cage Design, and Cockpit

Cole Robertson

Age: 21
Major: Mechanical Engineering

As an extremely optimistic, thorough, and ambitious young man, Cole Robertson shows up to Genius Garage with a smile on his face and is always ready to work. Coming from a medical background, Cole recently made the transition to mechanical engineering in hopes of learning various thermodynamic, fluid, and mechanical processes of automobiles. Genius Garage is providing a hands-on learning experience and environment for students, like Cole, to develop a love for engineering and to expand their knowledge about automobiles. Although Cole is honing his engineering skills through the program, he believes that academic excellence, by maintaining a 3.9+ GPA, will help him reach his full potential as a rising engineer. With adrenaline surging through his veins, Cole is looking forward to the adventure ahead.

Business/PR, Aero, and Chassis

Ryan Beagle

Age: 20
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Co-Winner of the 2016 Research Paper Assignment: Is Humanity Improving?

Loyalty, reason, and creativity are just a few aspects of Ryan Beagle's personality that led him to become an important part of the Genius Garage team. He is a problem solver; being on LEGO and VEX robotics leagues gave him the love for finding workable solutions in engineering and life challenges. His success doesn't stop there, though. Ryan was accepted into Buckeye Boys State, voted to represent his town as a Senator, and was then promoted to leadership within the senate. Even though he isn't as obsessed about cars as some of the other team members, Ryan demonstrates his excitement for cars through obtaining knowledge about them. He shows a major interest in learning as much as he can by working with the Genius Garage members by developing an invaluable source of knowledge.


Jason Gorges

Age: 20
Major: Computer Science and Engineering

Jason Gorges is definitely a student you can count on; by staying organized, having passion, and being an innovative problem-solver, he finishes projects with speed and accuracy. These qualities helped Jason to be accepted into the Honors College at the University of Toledo, along with other academic achievements. Outside academia, his passion is cars, sparked from attending the Summit Motorsports Park's "Night Under Fire" when he was younger. Jason has continued his love for cars since then, learning as much as he can, and always hungry for more. He is very excited about being on the Genius Garage Team because he is presented with the opportunity to be an integral part of not only his passion, but a massive industry.



Drew Donnelly

Age: 20
Major: Mechanical Engineering

His stubborn passion for the pursuit of perfection, drive to succeed, and ability to learn from past failures has made Drew Donnelly into the hardworking young man he is today. Although his love for cars is fairly new, it didn't take much to get him hooked; car videos, technical articles, and the UT Tuners group at the University of Toledo have cultivated his interest and turned it into a passion. At the University of Toledo, Drew has been accepted into the honors program, earning a prestigious scholarship based on an interview. His ultimate goal of becoming part of a professional F1 team is not as far-fetched as some think; Drew is ecstatic about learning everything he can at Genius Garage to help him succeed in the racing world.


Garrett Crozier

Age: 19
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Co-Winner of the 2016 Research Paper Assignment: Hybrid Cars: Leading The Charge?

As a wonderful addition to the 2016 team, Garrett "Turbo" Crozier possesses qualities essential to Genius Garage students; being energetic, adventurous, and curious makes him a perfect candidate. As soon as he could reach the toolbox, he was helping his father in the garage. His love for cars began with this, evolving from learning basic maintenance techniques to repairing and selling small engines and ultimately rebuilding the engine of the family’s old '94 Chevy station wagon. Innovation, alongside Garrett's curiosity, has been key for his success. Besides cars, Garrett has a love for sailing; designing and developing a "righting pole" to right a capsized catamaran sailboat that a lightweight sailor could quickly deploy demonstrates not only his passion for the sport, but also his innovative and adventurous nature.

Business, Fuel, and Engine Cooling

Matthew Westrick

Age: 21
Major: Music Business Technology

Matt Westrick is a unique addition to the 2016 Genius Garage Team; as the only non-engineering student, Matt brings a business background full of ambition, optimism, and benevolence to the table. His hard work and drive have led him to have a successful academic career and will invaluable to his future. His interest in cars has evolved from Hot Wheels to radio control cars to, ultimately, driving and racing. From there, Matt began learning about the possibilities of modifying vehicles, opening up a whole new understanding and appreciation for cars and engineering. Now, he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. Matt not only has taken advantage of the hands-on experience, but is capitalizing on connections, networking, and confidence that comes with it.


Members of the Genius Garage Board of Directors

President, Founder, Driver

Casey Putsch

Casey Putsch is the very definition of energy; his old soul personality is coupled with his youthful obsession of cars and automobiles, leading to his dedication to the racing world. He started the Genius Garage Program to provide college students with the opportunity of progressing in the real world that they miss out on while in school. Casey has enjoyed every moment of the program, despite ups and downs, but he has found the most enjoyment from watching the students grow, develop, and learn from visiting mentors.

Vice President and Student Mentor

Ethan Putsch

This career pilot has been rated as one of the top flight instructors in the country by the AOPA now specializes in critical high-speed medical transport delivering nuclear medicine via Lear Jet and twin-engine airplanes. Ethan Putsch and his wife, Brooke Putsch, are supportive of their local student exchange and study abroad programs as well as being a supporter of Genius Garage.

Secretary and Student Mentor

Chuck Putsch

A PGA professional for 35 years, this past golf course owner was a leader in the Junior Golf teaching program for many years. Currently, Chuck Putsch is a business leader with Central Classic Cars and still enjoys teaching and mentoring bright young minds. Central Classic Cars has helped contribute to the Genius Garage program for the past few years.

Treasurer, PR/Graphic Specialist

Taylor Wilson

Taylor Wilson is dependable, focused, and a little bit quirky. At Ohio State, she received her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and a minor in Design. She currently is a freelance graphic designer, volunteering her time on the side to media and PR work for the Genius Garage. Taylor stresses the importance of pursuing education to young adults, shown through her involvement with Genius Garage, her favorite part being able to see the students succeed in the real world.

Director and Student Mentor

Brian Smith

As a club professional and PGA member for over 25 years, this long time teacher later directed at local YMCA's. Brian Smith now enjoys spending his time mentoring young men and women with reading as well as in the Genius Garage program. He is very excited to play an integral role with the 2016 team by being a director on the Board of Directors.

Director and Student Mentor

Tom Newman

Owner and founder of the Electronic Commodity Corporation in Dublin, Ohio, Tom Newman is an ambitious addition to the Genius Garage Board of Directors. This entrepreneur and engineer is also seasoned Hydroplane racer as well a great mentor to young men and women and has been an integral part of the Genius Garage's success in 2014.